Fantasy Sports Trade review

Fantasy Trade Review for Leagues

Every year fantasy sports leagues have blockbuster trades... Every year at least one owner gets upset about the trade...

Commish Advisor is here to help you arbitrate your fantasy trades. Commish Advisor reviews your league's trade as a completely unbiased third party. Our only goal is to help keep your league in tact and keep league owners from screaming at the commish for making a bad decision!

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Moderation for any fantasy dispute

Fantasy Disputes

It happens in every league... Owners disagree with each other, owners disagree with the commish's decisions, owners disagree with the rules. etc...

Commish Advisor offers moderation for any fantasy dispute imaginable for every type of league and every fantasy sport.

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Fantasy Sports Trade review

Fantasy Trade Analysis for Owners

Every owner can benefit from an unbiased opinion about the outcome of a potential trade. Commish Advisor considers your league rules, team standings, roster composition, past player performance, future player projections and much more to give you a 1-5 rating for the trade's benefit or detriment to your chances at a fantasy championship.


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Need help writing the rules for your fantasy league?

Fantasy Rules Writing

Everyone has seen it happen... Poorly written rules leave a loop-hole, allowing a few owners to take advantage of the league.

Commish Advisor offers full constitution writing services, evaluating your scoring system, by-laws and fantasy website setting to ensure well written rules. Take the more simple route by writing your own rules and submitting them to us for review with our Loop-Hole Finder service

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Full league rules write-up
Website setup
Unlimited trade reviews
Unlimited dispute reviews
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